Kill Fire Ants With These Important Facts

If you are suffering from fire ants, then, it is not a surprise as many people are suffering from the same. Fire ants are very irritating and if you don’t do anything for ant removal services, then they will create lots of destruction. They can disturb your daily life with their painful bites. You should not let these nasty pests destroy your daily life. And, for that, we are sharing some fire ants facts which will help you to do ant control in your home.

ant control
ant control
  1. The fire ants are the insects who keep swarming in colonies that are giant. Where at least 2,50,000 worker ants can live, so ant control is very important for the safety of the property.
  2. Fire ants generally, make or build their nests in the soil. You can easily notice their nests.
  3. They includes more than 280 different species of ants.
  4. Fire ant’s word generally describes the pests having a reddish body giving them a fire type look and especially, they are well known as the biting insects.
  5. They are aggressive in nature and they usually attack whenever they feel danger or think that anyone is trying to destroy their colony.
  6. Fire ants are kind of omnivorous pests which means they eat all things. They mostly feed themselves by eating plants or fruit seeds and they eat small animals too.
  7. Fire ants bite can cause severe discomfort and if you are allergic to ants bite, then, it would be good for you only if you do ant control in your home as soon as possible.
  8. Fire ants are one of the competitive pests that knock out other pests from their territory and dominate the area.
  9. The fire ants are capable of living in all kinds of situations. They can survive in all climatic conditions.
  10. Pests like fire ants do not hibernate in the winter season, so they keep their work of destruction all the time and that’s the reason residential pest control needs to be done immediately.
  11. After mating, the drone dies.
  12. Like other pests, fire ants also love to build their colony in damped areas. So, you better keep your yard or home dry.
  13. In the fire ant colony, there are many members who live together like queens, males, workers, or soldiers. Workers are the smallest of all of them and queen ants are the largest of all of them.
  14. Male fire ants are also known as drones whose job is to mate with the queen to produce new fire ants. After mating, they die.
  15. Queen fire ant can live around 7 years and lays around 1,500 eggs per day. So, if you ignore their infestation. Then, in no time their infestation will be uncontrollable.


Thus, this article concludes with some facts about fire ants. It will help you to do ant control in your home. You can also hire expert ant control services to get rid of fire ants from your home. They will help you for sure.